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Wolf of Wall Street Meets Silicon Valley

A Startup Memoir Like No Other

Unveil the captivating journey behind Martin Warner's 'The Startup Story'—a treasure trove of entrepreneurial insight awaits the reader. Witness the audacious world of tech startups, where wit, grit, and unyielding ambition catapulted a fleeting idea into a whopping $50 million exit - in a record-breaking 17 months. Immerse yourself in this exhilarating true narrative and unearth the profound impact of sheer determination on redefining the boundaries of achievement in the business world.


UK: JAN/04/24


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Booklist Review

"An engaging work for budding entrepreneurs looking to learn from others' experiences as well as readers curious about the evolution of the technologies that impact life now and in the future. Recommended for public- and academic-library business


- Val Edwards

Martin Warner at Cannes Keynote Speaker

About the Author - Martin Warner

The impact of Martin Warner's products and innovations can be seen across America, the UK, and beyond. Celebrated as a visionary entrepreneur, educator, film producer, and inventor, Martin's unparalleled acumen led to a holy grail exit of $50 million in a record-breaking 17 months. He is also a National Best Selling Author, with his book ‘The Startup Story, An Entrepreneurs Journey From Idea to Exit’ which became an instant best seller and debuted on the USA Today Best Seller Booklist.

As the pioneer behind the UK's electric air taxi movement and holding over 120+ patents, including the co-invention of the first full-color 3D desktop printer and the world's first corporate news ticker, Martin's innovations set industry standards.

His dedication also extends to nurturing entrepreneurial talent. Through his, he has mentored and elevated over 300,000+ aspiring entrepreneurs globally. 

Martin resides between New York City and London.

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